Car Wheel and Rim Painting Service

Transform your rims into eye-catching focal points by choosing from a palette. of strings colors and finishes. Our precision application process guarantees a flawless, long-lasting result, enhancing both the visual appeal and resilience of your rims. Elevate your vehicle’s overall aesthetic with rims color change that blends. innovation and sophistication on every turn.

our rims color change can be done via two different ways:

  • Rims color change via powder coat


Rim Paint Via Powder Coat Process

This process takes approximately 4 to 7 days.

  • Rims color change Via Wet paint

Rim Paint Via Wet Paint Process

We use spray gun for this process and takes approximately 5 hr 30 min.

Are you wondering if we can fix your curb rash? Yes, we can do that. However, we are    limited on fixing curb rash. This can be done only if you have black rims and if your rims need to be fully painted after fixing your curb rash.

Note: We do not fix two tones rims finish color, machine rims and chrome rims.