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Over 5 years in the business

Who Are We?

We are In-site and in-shop service located in Stone Mountain Georgia, we do paint service (rims and calipers) and wrap service.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to bring innovation and creativity to the automotive industry. Through years of dedication, experimentation, and refinement, we have perfected the art of painting (rims and calipers) and wrapping.

Each stroke of paint, every meticulous detail, and the precision of our technique all converge to deliver a finish that’s beyond ordinary.

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About Us Rims And Calipers Paint
Rims And Calipers Paint Best Rim painting Shop in Stone Mountain GA - Black Car
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Over 5 years in the business


We understand that we are not the only ones out in the market providing this service, and claiming it to be the best, so what makes us better than all the others? 

The brief answer to this question is that we are DEDICATED at what we do. We do not do this work, just to run a business and make money. We LOVE what we do, and we make sure that we pour our love for this work into the services we provide. We make our customers feel at home, and we treat their rides as if they are ours.

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